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Hammer Proves No Match for 1200 FPS

Criminals these days are becoming bolder and bolder. Seemingly convinced they are bulletproof or that the cops won’t shoot them, they frequently make poor...
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Biden Blithely Delivers More Racist Comments in Detroit 

It’s hard to figure out if President Joe Biden’s constant racist commentary is sheer ignorance, an attempt at cultural appropriations, or a deliberate attempt...
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Cuba’s Banking System Has Collapsed, and ATMs Are Out of Cash

Multiple reports indicate that Cuba’s banking system has suffered a complete collapse. ATM machines are out of cash and people have no money to...
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Nevada Correctional Officer Busted Supplying Inmates With Cellphones

A new report from KOLO-TV 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada, shines light on a rampant issue that has gone widely underreported in recent years....
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Congresswoman Proposes Trump Be Given a Congressional Award

It’s become apparent in recent years that Donald Trump’s presidency was pretty much the stuff of legends, particularly in comparison to the president we...

Is Social Media Taking Over Our Lives?

Social media can help us with connections, but it can also be extremely time-consuming. Is it slowly destroying society? Take our quick poll now: Can't see...
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Trans Rights vs. Women’s Safety: Alleged Rape Case Rocks California Women’s Prison 

In Central California, troubling reports have emerged from the Central California Facility for Women, suggesting a horrifying incident of sexual assault. According to a...
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Guns Being Stolen From Cars at a Record Rate

As crimes involving firearms are becoming more widespread, many are questioning the seemingly endless supply of guns to the streets. With many conservative experts...
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Charles Reduces Harry to Tears with ‘Kick in the Teeth’ Welcome Back Pronouncement

By now, it’s no secret that Prince Harry of the British royal family is on the outs, with him and his wife, Meghan Markle,...
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WATCH: What is Biden Doing About Gas This Summer?

If you think Biden's going to help lower gas prices this summer, think again. Watch now: https://youtu.be/dtjbrA4by-0