RNC and Trump Campaign Announce Major Fundraising Success

Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com
Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com

As we begin another month, it’s time to take stock of the financial state of the Republican Party. While the Democrats definitely have us beat, March fundraising numbers show that we are taking great strides to catch up.

According to a news release on Wednesday, the Republican National Committee announced that it had raised a whopping $65.6 million in March. Now, it was noted that this was done with the help of and in connection with the Trump campaign.

That brings the RNC/Trump total for cash on hand to $93.1 million.

It’s also caused newly appointed RNC Chairman Michael Whatley to make a rather bold prediction.

“We are going to win BIG in just 31 weeks,” he said in the press release.

He added that the Trump campaign has “again created a fundraising juggernaut among Republicans. While he has been the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party for less than a month, the RNC and Trump campaign are one unified operation and focused on victory.”

To be sure, they are going to need to be.

As I mentioned, the Democratic National Convention, along with the Biden campaign, definitely has the RNC beat when it comes to funds. According to Axios, at the end of February, they had an accumulated $97.5 million.

And they undoubtedly made millions more in March. In fact, in just one fundraising event held at Radio City Music Hall featuring former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, as well as a whole slew of liberal celebrities, they amassed another $25 million.

But as a new Wall Street Journal poll proves, money isn’t everything. According to the survey, Trump is ahead of Biden in all but one of seven swing states at present. And in that holdout, he is tied with Biden.

So, for all of Biden’s millions on hand, he can’t apparently do much to increase his popularity.

And as I mentioned, the RNC is now catching up.