Iowa Teachers Recovering After Mass Stabbing in China

wu hsoung /
wu hsoung /

Four instructors from Cornell College in Iowa are recovering after they were viciously stabbed during a teaching junket in Jilin, China. The brazen attack happened in a crowded public park in broad daylight. Amazingly, the crowd stood around watching the Americans bleed on the ground after the attack, and no one stepped in to assist them before ambulances arrived.

Cornell College has a partner college in China called Beihua University. The four Iowa instructors were walking with teachers from the university when the attack happened.

Chinese police say the attack was an isolated incident, and they are still investigating. They don’t have a suspect in custody and, therefore, don’t have a motive for the attack. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that the only four white people in the park were the ones who got stabbed.

In graphic videos circulating on X, three of the wounded teachers can be seen on the ground putting pressure on their own stab wounds. No one steps in to help them. Apparently, Good Samaritanism is not a thing in Communist China.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has not issued any statement about the international incident, because he is a nasty jerk who never cares when Americans are killed or injured overseas. The attack could be a worrisome sign of worsening tensions between the US and China, but you wouldn’t even know about it from the Biden White House.

Police in China say it is still safe for foreigners to travel there. You might want to keep this incident in mind, however, if you’re planning a trip to China anytime soon.