Democrats Mockingly Call for Impeachment, But Comer May Give Them More Than They Bargained For 

Vitalii Vodolazskyi /
Vitalii Vodolazskyi /

Liberals thought it was hilarious. Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) showed up to an impeachment hearing in a Vladimir Putin mask and urged Republican lawmakers to get the impeachment of Joe Biden underway. “I just think we should do it today,” Moskowitz said. “Let’s just call for it. I’ll make the motion, Mr. Chairman. I want to help you out. You can second it, right? Make the motion to impeach President Biden. Go ahead. It’s your turn. You second it.”  

When no one responded, he ended his bizarre publicity stunt by announcing that by refusing to take a vote immediately, House Republicans were admitting they had no evidence and further predicted that impeachment was “never going to happen.” 

But House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R-KY) remains unfazed by the left’s mockery. He understands it’s more important to have a complete case for impeachment than a quick one. He recently announced that Republicans have proven the crimes and have moved on to the “accountability” stage of the probe. 

According to a committee spokesperson, Republicans have proof that Joe Biden, through his son Hunter and brother James, was peddling his name and position as vice president for personal gain. Comer has often said that the committee has found irrefutable evidence that the Biden family has taken more than $24 million from foreign business connections in exchange for policy decisions and the protection of the Biden name. 

When pressed about the money’s mysterious appearance in Biden-linked bank accounts, neither Hunter nor James Biden could explain it. It was like a mysterious windfall of magic money without any source. The money was not the result of any services provided by the Bidens, except, of course, Joe Biden’s apparent cameo appearances to help keep the pipeline open and flowing into the accounts. 

Democrats claim the investigation is failing, especially since the committee has declined to specify what laws Biden has broken. That will change once the probe is complete and Comer releases his report “addressing criminal violations.” 

Comer has requested that Joe Biden appear before the House Oversight Committee and provide testimony to refute allegations of corruption. So far, the White House has ignored the invitation, and Biden seems to have refused a chance to clear his name. 

Meanwhile, Comer and his colleagues have amassed enough evidence to sink Biden’s already struggling ship. Bank records reveal that Biden’s family members received substantial payments from foreign entities in China and Ukraine while Biden was Vice President. Republicans have proof that Hunter Biden leveraged his family ties to arrange a meeting in 2016 between a Serbian candidate seeking the position of United Nations Secretary-General and Colin Kahl, who was serving as the vice president’s national security adviser at the time.  

The committee has uncovered over 20 shell companies formed by the Bidens and their associates, with the family receiving over $24 million from various foreign sources. Nine members of the Biden family benefited from these business dealings. At the same time, Joe Biden interacted with his family’s business associates on at least two dozen occasions. 

Emails recovered from the infamous laptop implicate Joe Biden in numerous shady business transactions, as does the eyewitness testimony of several men involved with Hunter’s business deals. 

Democrats grow impatient over the delay in finalizing the impeachment probe against Biden, but the House Oversight Committee is in no hurry. Comer is working to connect the dots and build a case that proves that Biden betrayed the American people.  

Democrats, who launched no less than three failed impeachment attempts against Donald Trump, don’t understand that a substantiative case takes time. Their haphazard strategies to remove Trump failed because they had no proof and were fueled only by their blatant hatred of the President. 

House Republicans are doing things differently, preferring to present a factual case to Americans. Democrats, who will surely refuse to advance the impeachment process regardless of overwhelming proof, will be left looking even more foolish than they already do. Ultimately, whether Biden is successfully impeached does not matter—the proceedings will air Biden’s dirty laundry to the nation. 

Meanwhile, Democrats can dismiss and mock the process all they want. The probe is not going away, and Democrats and their fawning media supporters would be well-advised to stop trying to hasten the proceedings. When Comer is ready to move forward, they are going to get far more than they ever bargained for.