Puerto Rico Yet Again the Epitome of Unsanitary

zmotions / shutterstock.com
zmotions / shutterstock.com

Even as they proclaim to be such a beautiful, clean, and prominent nation, Puerto Rico is persistently showcasing how unsanitary and poor health it is. Announced on March 25th, the territory has recorded 549 cases of dengue fever across the island in 2024, and it is spreading at a rapid pace. According to figures released by the Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDH), this represents a 140% spike since January. At the epicenter is the capital city of San Juan, with a multitude of infections detected there.

Dr. Carlos Mellado López, Puerto Rico’s Secretary of the Department of Health, said, “The increase in dengue cases requires that all components of society join forces in order to prevent the contagion and spread of this virus, which is why we call for prevention. It is important to note that the increase in cases has not only been reflected in Puerto Rico, but we have seen it throughout the region of the Americas.”

Unsurprisingly, Dengue fever is another one of the many mosquito-borne illnesses. Bringing about fever and flu-like symptoms, it’s a nasty virus. In more extreme cases, it can result in serious blood loss that, in turn, sends blood pressure plummeting. While the Centers for Disease Control cautions that death from Dengue fever is rare, it is still not something you want to run into. Here in the US, fewer than 1% of patients with it died between 2010 and 2019, with none dying of it in 20210 and 2021.

Given the images we persistently see of the seedy parts of the island away from the tourist resorts, it’s not surprising to see this happening. It’s a filthy territory that Trump was right to toss our paper towels to.