Biden Plans to Splurge Millions to Diversify Marine Biology 

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In a move bound to raise eyebrows and, frankly, ruffle some feathers, the Biden administration’s National Science Foundation (NSF) is shelling out over $2 million of your hard-earned taxpayer dollars to fund projects aimed at diversifying marine biology and climate science. Hold onto your hats, folks, because they call these fields “some of the least diverse STEM disciplines.”

Can you believe that? Marine biology and climate science are getting a bad rap from our government.

But wait, it gets better. The NSF, boasting control over a whopping $9.9 billion in federal funds, is spreading this money across four universities, all in the name of diversifying these scientific fields. They’re spouting off about wanting more diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and the workforce. They’re even throwing around terms like “equity-driven” and “anti-racist.” Give me a break! Is this what science funding has come to?

So, who’s cashing in on this gravy train? George Mason University in Virginia is the big winner, snagging a sweet $1.2 million. Temple University in Philadelphia is next in line with $400,000, followed by the University of South Carolina and Salem State University in Massachusetts. And what do they plan to do with all this cash? They’re going to build “equity-centered support” models. Sounds like a lot of bureaucratic jargon to me.

But hold onto your seats, folks, because the madness doesn’t stop there. Florida International University is set to receive over $300,000 to “transform engineering classrooms towards racial equity.” They’re discussing giving engineering professors DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training. Now, call me old-fashioned, but shouldn’t engineering classrooms be about, I don’t know, engineering?

DEI policies, as pushed by certain governmental agencies, are often criticized for being a misguided allocation of resources. From a conservative viewpoint, the emphasis on these policies can be seen as diverting attention and funding away from more tangible and immediate needs. Critics argue that such initiatives risk becoming more about political correctness than actual progress. Instead of focusing on merit-based solutions and equal opportunities, DEI policies can create unnecessary bureaucracy and potentially foster resentment among different groups.

And if that weren’t enough, the NSF is also throwing money at studies like “Latina resistance” at “predominantly white institutions” and “intra-minority solidarity.” Can you believe the audacity? It’s like they’re trying to push a political agenda under the guise of science.

But this isn’t just about the NSF. Oh no, folks, this is a trend across the entire Biden administration. They’re throwing around millions of taxpayer dollars on these far-left DEI efforts. We’re talking about the Department of Defense dropping $270 million over three years and the State Department dishing out at least $77 million in just two years. And don’t even get me started on the DEI glossary from the NSA. Terms like “white fragility” and “settler colonialism” have no place in our government-funded initiatives.

But wait, there’s more! The Department of the Interior, responsible for managing federal land, recently screened a documentary on queer representation in marine biology. I mean, really? Is this what our government should be focusing on?

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Former President Donald Trump has had enough of this nonsense. He’s promising to clean house, to rid the federal bureaucracy of this leftist nonsense. He’s implying that he could make every executive branch employee fireable by the Presidency. And you know what? It’s about time someone stood up to the deep state.

But Biden’s not going down without a fight. He’s doubling down on civil service protections to shield these bureaucrats from accountability. But mark my words, Trump and his allies are gearing up for battle. They’re not going to let this leftist agenda continue to run rampant in our government. So, buckle up because the fight for the soul of our nation is far from over.