NC School Board Sued for Suspending Student for Daring To Utter the Phrase “Illegal Aliens”

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The Davidson County Board of Education is now facing a lawsuit by the Liberty Justice Center (LJC), who will be representing 16-year-old Christian McGhee. Suspended over the use of the term “illegal aliens” in a classroom, they want them to pay for a substantial disruption to his education when no problems occurred.

In a press release, the LJC said, “On April 9, sophomore Christian McGhee raised his hand and asked his English teacher whether her reference to the word “aliens” referred to “space aliens, or illegal aliens who need green cards?” Although there was no substantial disruption to the class, the school decided to suspend Christian for three days out of school, with the administration equating his question to a vicious racial slur. Christian was also prohibited from competing in a season-defining track meet. No appeal was permitted.”

Continuing, they said, “Having been branded as a racist by his school, Christian’s return was met with ostracism, bullying, and threats. Concerned for his safety, his parents unenrolled him, and he is now completing the semester through a homeschooling program.”

Senior Counsel at the Liberty Justice Center Buck Dougherty also went on to underscore how the school had committed violations of due process and the right to education under North Carolina with their actions. These violations of the First and Fourteenth Amendments are incredibly troublesome for any American, and it’s clear Dougherty intends to preserve them.

According to the school, when McGhee asked about “illegal aliens,” it upset a classmate deeply. Enough to where he felt it was necessary to make a threat of physical violence from hearing it. Calling the assistant principal, they quickly deemed the term as offensive and disrespectful to the Hispanic classmates per administrators. McGhee’s mother told Louder with Crowder that she thought racism wasn’t an issue until the assistant principal showed up and that she had been told the offended kid has since told multiple people that he was just joking.

For what it’s worth, McGhee himself says it was simply a question based upon frequently hearing the term in the news, and it can be found in the dictionary. Unlike his school board, he knows it isn’t offensive against Hispanics because it can apply to everyone from across the globe who is not an American.