Get Ready for Hamas To Launch Another Wave of Thunderous Attacks With Biden’s Signature

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

It’s no secret that the October 7th attack from Hamas on Israel was funded by Iran. Done with President Biden loosening sanctions on Iran back in September, he gave them access to $6 billion in restricted funds, he was ultimately responsible. Now he’s ready to buck the system again with this latest release of sanctioned funds.

Announced on November 14th, this comes a little over a month after those horrific attacks, and he seems to think they need more firepower. Extending the waiver on sanctions, he is now giving them access to $10 billion in funds that were seized. This money is allegedly being allowed under the guise of electric revenues for humanitarian aid. As they did back in September, this gave them just enough time to arm Hamas fighters for a massive Hanukkah attack.

What makes this even more comedic is how this is being done. Allowing Iraq to continue purchasing electricity from Iran, gives them immediate access to billions that were being held inside Iraqi banks. Immediately after announcing the deal, the Biden administration announced that Iraq was only allowed to use this money for humanitarian cases. As if this should provide some comfort, he added that they had only taken a little of it so far but put no dollar amount on it.

Seemingly oblivious about the outcry for the previous $6 billion that was released, Biden’s decision to release $10 billion to the leading center for funding terrorism in the world is criminal.

Sponsoring terrorism directly or indirectly is a huge crime on the global stage, especially here under US laws. Yet the Biden administration is allowed to not only deflect from this blame but to pass the buck on to others. He is giving Iran the tools to support and fund terrorism, and setting the table for them to have their way with terrorism around the globe.

Given the massive crowds that have been gathering for pro-Palestine and pro-Israel rallies, they are now being set up for mass suicide bombings and fire squads to attack. Sitting ducks like these present soft targets, and they are begging for Hamas to attack. This latest influx of $10 billion gives them the funding they need to launch coordinated attacks across the globe.

Experts are now scrambling to prepare for what is coming next. While there are a lot of variables to discern for how this impact will be felt, when, and where it will be coming, there are no bones about the fact that it is on its way. Attacks like these with this kind of funding are incredibly unpredictable. While they can discern that it is incredibly unlikely to happen in someplace like rural Belize, there are still literally countless options on the table for them.

As the holiday season is coming, the concerns about terrorism are always increasing. People know that big crowds and large groups of people with similar beliefs are the most likely to be attacked, but they refuse to lose their way and give up their holidays. Instead, they see this as a time to share their beliefs and to try and be a bright light to the world of peace. A light that extremists like Hamas would love to snuff out.

Biden’s funding of terrorism is nothing more than the continuation of the liberal agenda to fund those who will support their idea of a new world order. He wants to see the American people being punished continuously and prevented from the greatness we could achieve. Keeping people under their boots is the dream and the goal of the left. Handing Iran the tools to destroy democracy and freedom as we know it is a treasonous act, and, sadly, countless people will ultimately die thanks to Biden’s donation to terrorism.