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What Iranian President’s Death Really Means

When an authoritarian leader dies, such as Iran’s president Ebrahim Raisi, there is bound to be some gladness, if not celebration. It would also...
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Cuba’s Banking System Has Collapsed, and ATMs Are Out of Cash

Multiple reports indicate that Cuba’s banking system has suffered a complete collapse. ATM machines are out of cash and people have no money to...
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Charles Reduces Harry to Tears with ‘Kick in the Teeth’ Welcome Back Pronouncement

By now, it’s no secret that Prince Harry of the British royal family is on the outs, with him and his wife, Meghan Markle,...
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China Essentially Kidnaps Caribbean Country

The Caribbean Island of Antigua is located incredibly close to the US mainland as well as the US Virgin Islands. Taken over by China,...

IDF Claims Huge Achievement for Defensing Against Molasses Slow Iranian Attack

Following the molasses-slow attempted assault on Israel by Iran, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) celebrated their prevention of 99% of the Iranian drones and...
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Puerto Rico Yet Again the Epitome of Unsanitary

Even as they proclaim to be such a beautiful, clean, and prominent nation, Puerto Rico is persistently showcasing how unsanitary and poor health it... /

70 Percent of Canadians Agree Their Country is Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Do you feel like everything in America is falling apart rapidly thanks to Joe Biden’s deliberately hatefully ‘America Last’ policies? You’re not alone! According...
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Biden Can’t Even Beg Iran Correctly

President Joe Biden’s regime has been chock full of failure since its inception. Everything they touch turns into a disaster, even begging a third-world...
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British Cops Forced to Ram Out-of-Control EV with Terrified Driver Trapped Inside

A terrified motorist in the UK got taken for a ride in more ways than one in his £80,000 electric Jaguar I-Pace last week....
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The U.S. Election Mirrors Venezuela in Unsettling Ways, From Legal Attacks to Electoral Bans 

President Joe Biden has gone to great lengths to ensure he wins another term in the White House. Americans may worry that the authoritarian...