Biden Can’t Even Beg Iran Correctly

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President Joe Biden’s regime has been chock full of failure since its inception. Everything they touch turns into a disaster, even begging a third-world country like Iran. New reports indicate that Biden sent the White House’s Middle East adviser Brett McGurk, along with Iran envoy Abram Paley, to a meeting in Oman. Held in January, they were met there by Iranian deputy foreign minister Ali Bagheri Kani, who also serves as the chief nuclear negotiator for Tehran.

Using officials from Oman to essentially pass notes between the two nations, they ensured these representatives never met face to face. The way officials allegedly saw the situation, this method would allow them to understand the full depth of Iran’s threats without escalating tensions between the nations. After not having spoken since May 2023, the two nations had little to no trust or relationship established.

During these latest talks, the focus was on getting Iran to stop the Houthis from continuing their attacks on the Red Sea. Going after everything from commercial vessels to lobbing shots at the US and other nations’ naval ships, the Houthis have been relentless in their attacks. According to an Iranian official, they don’t have that kind of relationship. “Iran has repeatedly said it only has a form of spiritual influence [over the rebels]. They can’t dictate to the Houthis, but they can negotiate and talk.”

Frequently, signs have pointed to Tehran looking for a way to relieve the pressure in the region. Especially after a drone attack killed three soldiers and injured dozens more along the Jordanian-Syrian border. In that instance, Biden waited days to respond and allowed Iran to get the top commanders of its elite Revolutionary Guards out of Syria and safely away from the attack sites.

Since then, the Houthis have been waging their attacks in the Red Sea, and the fight from the Palestinian forces, i.e., Hamas, Iran has been funding has been more persistent than before. If Biden expects there to be peace in the region any time soon, he has failed miserably. Then again, when he lacks the dedication to go meet with leadership himself, it sends a weak message.