What Biden Really Did to Gold Star Families After Afghanistan Withdrawal

BPTU / shutterstock.com
BPTU / shutterstock.com

We all know that Joe Biden’s decision to essentially surrender to the Taliban in 2021 was a bad one. But it is his actions and words toward the families of American heroes who lost their lives during the Afghanistan withdrawal that really defines the kind of man Biden is.

It’s all written in a new book called Kabul: The Untold Story of Biden’s Fiasco and the American Warriors Who Fought to the End.

The book was written by Jerry Dunleavy and James Hasson, men who did their homework and found out what really happened over there, as well as at the meetings Biden had with Gold Star family members.

As was expected, Biden met with each and every Gold Star parent from the incident.

But as every interaction happened, not one says that Biden did anything to make them feel better about their recent loss.

Take the mother of Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, Shana Chappell, for example.

Two years ago, she met with Biden and immediately blasted him on Facebook for making the whole thing about himself. Of course, her comments were censored on the platform…

But Cherry Rex, mother of Marine Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola has a very similar story.

According to her, Biden met her at Dover Air Force Base as expected, as part of the dignified transfer of remains ceremony.

“When he approached me, his words to me were, ‘My wife Jill and I know how you feel. We lost our son as well and brought him home in a flag-draped coffin.”

Rex said she immediately became angry about it. Here she was not even 24 hours after learning she would never hug her son again, and Biden was there only talking about himself. Besides, as Rex and we know, Biden’s son died of cancer. Sure, he might have been given a flag-draped coffin due to his military history, but he died with his parents at his side, getting to say goodbye.

And then there are reports from nearly every parent that Biden didn’t even have the decency to say the names of the fallen heroes. He merely referred to them each time as “your son” or “your daughter.”

As Paula Knauss Selph, mother of Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Christian Knauss said Biden is “an empty, soulless person.”