KY State Prosecutor to Busy Soliciting Sex and Scoring Drugs To Prosecute for Them

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Taking on the role of state prosecutor comes with some big responsibilities, as well as becoming a public figure who needs to have a moral character that is above reproach.

Unfortunately, Scott Blair, 51, of Hazard, KY, didn’t seem to get that message. Abusing his office as Commonwealth Attorney for the 33rd Judicial Circuit of Kentucky serving Perry County, he opted to misuse the trust of the people. Openly abusing that trust, he opted “to assist various individuals who were facing criminal charges,” per a statement from the US Attorney’s Office (USAO), Eastern District of Kentucky.

As the statement notes, Blair “requested something of value, including sexual favors and methamphetamine, from multiple individuals, in exchange for taking actions in his official capacity to help those individuals.” From 2020 to March 2024, he used Facebook to solicit meth or sexual favors from those in need, according to the Lexington Herald-Legger. With the FBI as the main source of the investigation, his charges raced up some serious notoriety.

According to the USAO’s statement, Blair was charged with “committing honest services wire fraud.” As a basis for the charges he used “a scheme or artifice to deprive another of the intangible right of honest services.” Naturally, Kentucky Attorney General Russell Coleman demanded his resignation, and less than 72 hours later Blair complied.

Waiving his right to a preliminary hearing, he is opting to head right for trial. As such, he has been remanded in jail. Surprisingly, his attorney, Ned Pillersdorf, has yet to file for his release, and if he did, Blair would be prevented from having anything to do with his old position. Just two months ago another KY State Prosecutor had been convicted for doing the same thing. For the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, this is a horrific situation. This could lead to a massive overturning of convictions and result in some significant societal impacts.