Trump’s #1 Priority After Winning the White House

Evan El-Amin /
Evan El-Amin /

It’s no secret that former President Donald Trump has many plans that will come into play should he be reelected to the Oval Office. But what’s his top priority?

Well, he revealed that on Wednesday night while speaking to Tucker Carlson in an online interview.

As I am sure you know, Wednesday night was also the first Republican primary debate. But while it aired on Fox News, former Fox host Tucker Carlson interviewed Trump on his new online channel.

Thus far, Trump has made it clear that he will not be participating in any of the upcoming debates. And seeing how he has most of his GOP challengers whooped in poll numbers by as much as 50 or more percentage points, I can see why he might feel the whole effort of an actual debate might be a waste of time.

However, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be out in front of the people, expressing his goals and how he will work for us.

So that’s exactly what he did by interviewing with Tucker the same night. No doubt, it also distracted greatly from his opponents’ efforts to gain traction in their races against him.

In any case, one of the things discussed by Tucker and Trump was the former president’s biggest or most immediate plans if he were to win the nomination and then the White House again.

To be sure, Trump expressed that he would be working on several “things at the same time.” But if he had to name one as his top priority, “let’s say number one is the border.”

Now, this shouldn’t be surprising to most of us.

I mean, going back to 2015, when Trump began his first presidential run, he made it pretty clear that the border needs to be closed off and pretty much sealed up if we as Americans are to ensure our safety and economic success. It’s why he wasted little time getting the ball rolling to build a wall across our southern border when he was elected.

Of course, as we know, that wall wasn’t quite completed. While Trump was able to arrange for the purchase and even contracts for the construction of the wall, Biden was supposedly elected before all the pieces could be put into place.

And Biden made it just as clear as Trump did about his border intentions: the wall would not be finished, and the borders would be opened as much as possible.

Now, Biden didn’t go about destroying the parts of the wall Trump built. But he did ensure that gapping holes were left all along the border, some miles wide, without even a barbed wire fence dividing Mexico from the United States.

Naturally, such lack of efforts, as well as numerous Biden-enacted policies that essentially tore down his predecessor’s efforts to secure the border, have created an immigration crisis.

According to Customs Border Protection and Border Patrol data, the number of illegals literally walking into our nation has skyrocketed in the last few years. Where only a few hundred crossed over a year, thousands do now. And most go unchecked, unverified, and then are allowed to go wherever they want.

As Trump pointed out to Tucker, they come from everywhere, including prisons, mental institutions, and nations with evil desires and terroristic notions. And they are destroying us from the inside out.

Crime has soared, and drug use is way up, as is overdoses. The same goes for human trafficking and the sex trade, and don’t even get me started on what all that has done to our already downtrodden economy.

And so, as Trump says, “The first thing I would do is seal the border up good and tight.”

What does that mean?

Well, it will undoubtedly include many moving parts. He mentioned plans to finish the wall, for starters. Then he will deport the “hundreds of thousands of criminals that have been allowed into our country, and getting them out and bringing them back to their country.”

It’s a good start, to be sure – and one I’m sure most Americans will more than encourage.