Pentagon Begins Helping Military Recruits by Dumbing Exams Down

Eugene Onischenko /
Eugene Onischenko /

If you didn’t already know, US military recruitment is down. And so, in an effort to help, the Pentagon is trying to make entrance exams easier for potential recruits.

According to, the Defense Department has just moved to allow the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB to be taken with a calculator, at least during the math portion of the exam.

Apparently, the Pentagon wants to ensure that more individuals can pass the ASVAB than before.

Of course, this is problematic, as the ASVAB does far more than just disqualify individuals not intelligent enough to serve their country in the military. It also helps officers decide where passing recruits would best be suited according to their strengths or aptitudes.

But according to Biden’s woke Pentagon, calculator use is growing nationwide for all kinds of other eligibility tests and requirements. So why shouldn’t the military begin using it, too?

One US defense official told Fox News on Monday, “We are taking a systematic approach, which will assess the impact of calculator use, and we are developing a way forward for calculator inclusion based on best practices in test development and psychometric theory.”

As I mentioned before, this is a direct response to the Army, Navy, and Air Force all missing their recruitment quotas for the last two years in a row now.

So, the Pentagon thinks making it easier to get in might increase those recruitment numbers a bit.

Of course, we know better.

First off, our youth don’t want to enlist in any armed forces that place Joe Biden as their commanding officer. If the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan was proof of anything, it’s that Biden has no idea what he’s doing. And his actions cost American lives.

Secondly, if you didn’t know, none of the US military branches are what they once were, thanks in large part to woke, liberal policies that place gender identity and “inclusion” above that of combat readiness and warfare training.

Rather than putting recruits through seemingly endless training drills that could prove to their lives and those around them, newly enlisted are sent to sensitivity training and inclusion classes. Oh, and did you know that trans recruits don’t actually have any physical training or requirements?

It’s a load of BS, to be sure. And it’s making fewer and fewer Americans likely to want to sign up, even for the minimal four-year commitment.

Of course, the apparent need to include calculators for the ASVAB also proves that our school systems are failing, too. Thanks to problematic Department of Education policies and school boards that focus more on diversity than academics, students aren’t nearly as proficient as they used to be.

And it shows.

Of course, the Pentagon is also attempting to implement a new two-track acceptance system, basically giving failed applicants a second chance at being a soldier. Called the Future Soldier Preparatory Course, those who are either undereducated or overweight are given 90 days and some classes to better themselves before they are given a second shot at passing whatever evaluation is needed.

Previously, if you failed once, that was it. Now, applicants can fail miserably and essentially cheat their way in.

And they wonder why our military is no longer rated as the world’s best… from climate change to pride month and gender dysphoria, the military has been inundated with wokeness. But none of it makes for a better or more efficient military.

How do you think our troops will compare when put up next to armies who have spent countless hours in artillery training, etc.?

They’ll fall flat on their faces. And it will all be Biden’s fault.