Kari Lake Contemplates 2024 Senate Run, and Democrats Are Freaking

Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com
Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com

Kari Lake has announced that she may jump in the race for Kyrsten Sinema’s US Senate seat before the end of the year. The conservative firebrand and vocal Trump supporter narrowly lost the race for Arizona Governor in the 2022 midterms when it was obviously stolen. The fact that Lake shows no signs of going away or being silenced has put Democrats in a pickle next year. Once Lake throws her hat in the ring, it will become a rare three-way race where anything could happen.

Sinema enraged the Democrat Party by refusing to vote for many of Joe Biden’s most intensely radical, communist ideas. With the Senate’s narrow 51-49 Democrat majority, Sinema teamed up with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) multiple times to prevent the destruction of American institutions like the US Supreme Court. She switched her party affiliation to Independent a few months ago, and now the DNC hates her guts, even though she still caucuses with the Democrats.

Sinema is running for reelection in 2024, and the Democrats would love nothing more than to destroy her and take that seat back with a party loyalist. To that end, they’ve convinced shady Rep. Ruben Gallego (real last name: Marinelarena) to run against Sinema. He declared his candidacy a few weeks ago.

Gallego purchased a house in Washington, DC using a VA loan and has declared that to be his primary residence. Watchdog groups are already complaining that Gallego’s primary residence is about 2,000 miles east of where it should be if he plans to continue representing Arizona.

Gallego is also facing a House Ethics Committee complaint right now for trying to fundraise for his Senate campaign off of legislation he’s sponsoring. He sponsored a bill that would force FEMA to declare a national emergency every time that it gets hot outside in August, which would transfer sweeping dictatorship powers to the Executive branch. He then urged people to donate to his Senate campaign so that he could keep passing “vital” legislation like this. That’s an illegal mixture of campaign and official congressional business.

Ruben Gallego has also been accused of being a flaming racist by every black congressional employee who has ever worked for him.

So, on the one hand, Ruben Gallego seems like a bit of a slimeball. On the other hand, he’s pretty average for elected Democrats in Congress.

The Democrats have now stepped in it because Gallego and Sinema are likely to split the Democrat vote on election day in 2024. Arizona has been basically a 50-50 state for the past two elections. Sure, they had to fabricate a ton of fake votes to push Joe Biden across the finish line in 2020 and Katie Hobbs in 2022.

With Kari Lake, Kyrsten Sinema, and Ruben Gallego in a three-way race, Kari is likely to draw half the votes in the state, with Sinema and Gallego trailing far behind. They would have to fabricate an enormous number of fake votes to push Ruben Gallego across the finish line. The Democrats hate Kyrsten Sinema even more than they hate Kari Lake right now. Having Gallego drop out is a non-starter with them. If Gallego stays in, Kari Lake becomes Arizona’s next Republican US Senator, and the Democrats lose their 51-49 majority in the Senate.

It’s unclear what the Democrats are going to do to try to resolve this, but it should be entertaining. They thought they got rid of her by stealing the 2022 governor’s race, and now she’s about to walk away with a US Senate seat because of the Democrats’ Machiavellian scheming against their own voters. Perfect!