FL Student Proves Violent People Will Still Inflict Harm Without a Gun

Ganka Trendafilova / shutterstock.com
Ganka Trendafilova / shutterstock.com

Despite the left’s frequent claims that violent attacks only happen because people have guns, many international cases of mass slayings, assaults with bats, and other various objects have occurred. Despite this, the left still keeps blaming the tool for the problem.

Now a 14-year-old Clearwater, FL teen has proven that the tool isn’t the problem. With no record of prior incidents at the Countryside High School, the student was not considered to be a threat or someone at risk of doing this. Yet on August 31st, that all changed.

Around 11:24 a.m., two students- a 9th-grade and an 11th-grade student were each suddenly stabbed. Roughly two hours later, both were described as being in “stable condition,” with one leaving the hospital that same night. Fortunately, his attack was stopped quickly, with school resource officers holding the assailant at gunpoint within two minutes.

Officers immediately began treatment upon arrival at the scene, and EMS units responded quickly. This immediate action prevented this from becoming a murder scene.

Facing two counts of attempted first-degree murder, the assailant is likely to face further charges once the DA has had time to do a thorough investigation. In the meantime, the school and many of its parents remain shaken at the thought of something happening to their children. They want to see the school do more, but there isn’t much more than can do short of a full TSA patdown.

Incidents like this simply prove one thing; the problem is the user and not the tool. Much like a gun, the knife isn’t violent or deadly until a human picks it up and makes it become that way. It doesn’t wake up in the morning and choose violence, it’s human does.  The left needs to start punishing them instead of just issuing appearance tickets and setting them free. Thankfully, FL is a conservative state, so these teens will get justice.