Dozens Detained at Columbia As the Left Struggles To Avoid Jan 6th Comparison

lev radin /
lev radin /

After essentially taking over Columbia University in New York City to end April, the pro-Palestine protestors were quickly tossed out from their drawn-back encampments once night began. According to the NYPD, over 100 people were arrested on campus, including roughly two dozen protestors who attempted to prevent law enforcement from even entering campus.

Breaking into Hamilton Hall, the Columbia students barricaded themselves inside and used tables, chairs, and vending machines to jam the doors. Windows were covered in newspapers, and officers were forced to break windows to gain access through remote doors. In one instance, an elevated ramp was used to lift 50 officers through a second-floor window to get interior access to the Hall. Like an airport ramp, the mobile ramp sets up quickly and provides a ballistic fallback point should the officers meet armed resistance.

The liberals who have taken over Columbia have been releasing footage of their protests, and within each clip are more and more reenactments of January 6th. They broke down the outside doors and barricaded themselves inside. A major difference from the January 6th patriots who walked in through open doors and helpful security guards. When met with law enforcement resistance inside the Capitol, these brave Americans were shot. Yet, these students were instead simply arrested.

Pro-Palestinian protestors have shown their true colors again and again. Much like the Islamic group they support, these protestors are trying to demand they get their way by using violence and intimidation. All while they preach about peace. Intolerant of any view other than the one they have, they are quick to condemn anyone who won’t just blindly shut up and go along with their chants.

Ironically enough though, when reporters have asked them about their demands or cause in a one-on-one setting, they are ignorant on the subject. Often, they don’t even know why they are protesting, they want to be a part of something; to feel like they belong. Then again, maybe that’s the real difference between them and the activists of January 6th. Our patriotic Americans knew what they were standing for and what they believed in. This is a collection of whiney college kids with more book smarts than common sense.