Biden’s 7th Court Nominee Doesn’t Know What It Is, But She Wants It Banned

Lana U /
Lana U /

President Joe Biden’s nominee for the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Nancy Maldonado, was one of the major proponents for Illinois’s “assault weapons” ban. Not an abnormal thing with the liberals, but her response to being questioned about this support is the worst part about it.

Facing questions from Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), she folded like a cheap suit when it came to talking about the issue. Kennedy asked, “You said, ‘Assault weapons may be banned because they’re extraordinarily dangerous and are not appropriate for legitimate self-defense purposes.’ Tell me what you meant by ‘assault weapons’?” Looking flabbergasted, Maldonado claimed she couldn’t answer as she isn’t an expert in firearms.

Kennedy followed up by asking, “So you submitted a brief, an appellate brief, you signed it, and you don’t know what … and you said, ‘Abolish assault weapons,’ and you don’t know what you wanted them to abolish?” Suddenly filled with a change of heart about this, she then admitted she did not research the matter and couldn’t recall the exact meaning of assault weapons.

This is the best they can find for the Seventh Circuit? Someone who blindly signs off on briefs and who supports ideas brought on by the Democratic party, even when she doesn’t understand them? A choice like this is criminal to impose on the people in this district. Maldonado has already proven that not only does she have no business on the Court of Appeals, but she shouldn’t even decide if someone should have a driver’s license. Time for this experiment to end and move on to the next.