Biden Would Rather Talk About Ice Cream Than Politics

Have you noticed that whenever Biden speaks, it’s not really about anything political?

If you listen to the conspiracy theorists, that’s because he’s not the President. Okay, he is because that’s what the election supposedly resulted in. However, he’s not the one making the decisions. He’s on a set of puppet strings that are likely being pulled by Barack Obama.

When Biden does speak, it’s incomprehensible. He mumbles. He makes vague comments about things. It’s why he’s not doing nearly as many public speeches as past presidents.

When he DOES actually answer, the White House is usually walking back his answer quickly after. We hear comments like “That’s not what the President meant” or “He misspoke.”

There’s only one thing that Biden routinely talks about that the White House doesn’t have to walk back – his love of ice cream. We get it – the man likes ice cream. But why is it all that he talks about?

Perhaps that is all he can remember. When dementia sets in, many patients cling to one thought. For Biden, it’s an ice cream cone.

Children even come up to him to ask questions.

Biden admits that he’s one of the “dullest presidents in the world” because his favorite flavor is chocolate chip. When it comes to flavors, it is pretty boring. But for an 80-year-old, we wouldn’t expect a big, bold flavor.

Unfortunately, Biden’s not using his position of power to influence kids to do better. He’s not answering their ice cream flavor questions and then talking about how they should be researching US history or how they should be excited to register to vote as soon as they turn 18.

Instead, he’s content to talk about ice cream anywhere he goes.

It’s no wonder why the rest of the world is laughing at us right now.