The Rock Tells Joe Rogan How His Dem Friends Feel About Biden

Fred Duval /
Fred Duval /

As Republicans and conservatives, we’d love to say that Biden has no chance in hell of winning the Democratic nomination, much less the general election and another four years in the White House. But according to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, even if Democrats don’t like Biden, they may be loyal enough to party…

The topic came up on a recent airing of Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” of which Johnson was a guest.

As is typical, the Rogan podcast covers a wide variety of topics. And on this Wednesday episode, politics, and more specifically, Joe Biden, came up.

Rogan began by outlining today’s divisive political atmosphere. He noted that “When I was a kid, you could have a Republican friend. It was no big deal. … You know, you were a supporter of Bill Clinton, he like George Bush – nobody cared.”

But now, as Rogan claims, he gets called a Nazi just for being fiscally conservative.

“I just want lower taxes. How did I become a Nazi?” Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in.

And Johnson agrees. “It’s the craziest thing,” he said. He then noted that he has friends who support Trump. He has others who support Biden.

My guess is that he was about to make a point about who cares who they support as long as you can get along or something along those lines.

However, he didn’t get that far because Rogan abruptly interrupted and asked him, “Do you really have friends who support Biden?”

To this, Johnson laughed. Then, he immediately clarified that those friends feel a sense of loyalty to the party.

As Rogan summarized, “They support the Democratic Party.”

And Johnson confirmed, “I have friends who are loyal to the party.”

It took all of 44 seconds for the truth about Biden to come out. No one really likes him. Hell, most probably didn’t like him in 2020, either.

But because of loyalty to the party, Republicans everywhere shouldn’t dare second guess how far Democrats will go to keep their party in control.