The Nuke Is About To Hit – What To Do Now?

Victor Moussa /
Victor Moussa /

As Russia and Ukraine continue their conflict, Israel and Palestine boil over, and China threatens to take back Taiwan by force, things aren’t looking good. President Biden has gotten the US involved in all three conflicts, and many are expecting this to turn into World War III. At this point, the only question is when we are going back to war, not if.

With the volatility of the leadership of these countries, the risk of nuclear weapons being pulled out is extensively increased. While Palestine claims to be nuke-free, and Israel maintains some ambiguity on the topic, the movement of nuclear material across the Middle East is incredibly well-known. This means even non-Nuke states present a risk to Americans, even if we aren’t there.

Given these risks, it’s important to know where your nearest fallout shelter is. It might be your only chance of survival. While the blast radius usually liquifies the people inside it, others are left dealing with the radiation from the fallout. Getting inside that hardened building is infinitely better than being outside.

The University of Nicosia found out that hardened cement made for the best buildings. Fast rushes of air are still a consideration; with impacts capable of 18x a person’s body weight, the rush can be deadly. This means doors, hallways, and windows are to be avoided.

Doesn’t leave much for options, but it turns out going back to your childhood and standing in a corner facing the blast is the best place you can be. Even the very front room’s corner will be safe if you are in it and facing the blast.

This takes incredible timing and a degree of luck, but it could mean the difference between surviving and being blown away. With only a few seconds from the initial blast to impact, you’ll need to get in the corner quickly. If you do, it’s potentially your ticket to survival.