Russia’s Latest Military Budget Should Scare Us All

Anton Brehov /
Anton Brehov /

It’s always important to pay attention to what Russia is doing. They always seem to be a wild card in the world. Considering we don’t have the best relations with them, we have to watch to ensure that we can stay on top of any move they make.

Recently, Russian President Putin signed a national budget that encompasses the next three years. Military spending within that budget has increased by about 25 percent. That means that they’ll have a greater defense budget than in many years past — and it’s likely that much of that will be used to put an end to the conflict with Ukraine.

What’s concerning about this move is that it gives Russia a bigger budget than what they already have. The US has been making a number of cuts to its defense budget in recent years, and many worry that this could put us in a problematic state, especially if Russia were to turn its attention to the US.

As Breitbart reports, “Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said it was developed specifically to fund the military and to mitigate the impact of international sanctions imposed after Russia sent troops into Ukraine in February 2022.”

While Russia will have more money to spend on its military, some reports show that it can’t really afford this. In fact, many believe that pivoting the economy toward the military could be a long-term mistake.

Still, the country is dealing with record-low unemployment. Combine that with targeted social spending, and the Kremlin may be able to come out on top.

We don’t know the full extent of the budget — only what they’re willing to share with the rest of the world. It makes sense. They don’t want their military plans known, but that’s where we should really worry.

What does Russia have planned? If they spend more to take down Ukraine, it’s only a matter of time before Ukrainian President Zelenskyy comes begging Biden for more money, too. And since Biden has no backbone, he’ll agree, causing more debt for the US.