New Zealand Healthcare Hero Jailed for Revealing COVID Vaccine Deaths

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It’s not your imagination. Extraordinary numbers of young and healthy people have “died suddenly” since the rollout of the COVID-19 mRNA shots. While most of the medical community continues to deny this reality that we can all see—and many of us have lived through—some brave people are starting to finally blow the whistle. A few days ago, a 56-year-old man who works at New Zealand’s public health agency went public with shocking statistics on the number of people who died within a week of getting a COVID shot. Naturally, the authorities arrested him for telling the public the truth.

The man’s name is Barry Young. He’s worked for much of his professional career at Te Whatu Ora, which is like New Zealand’s version of our CDC. Smith was responsible for building and implementing a vaccine payment system for healthcare providers across the entire country. He designed a pay-per-dose system, which means that anytime a healthcare clinic administers a shot, they get paid for it. Young says he realized something was very wrong early on in his country’s mass vaccination program.

“When I was looking at the data, which is part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies with the dates of death, people getting people dying within a week of being vaccinated,” said Young.

“As soon as the system went live, we noticed that people were dying almost straight away after being injected. So, that sort of prompted my curiosity a bit. So, I dug a little deeper.”

According to the official—but secret and hidden—healthcare data from New Zealand’s public health agency, every community in South Island saw sudden death rates between 4.5 and 32% within a week of administering the shots to the public. Some health clinics and hospitals had nearly 1 out of 3 vaccine recipients die within a week of injection!

Whether this was due to bad batches of the vaccine being shipped to South Island or some other issue is unknown. What we do know is that every world government that forced these shots on their citizens through vaccine mandates has some explaining to do.

Here are a few of the examples of clinics that Young publicly revealed.

At Queens Park Medical in Invercargill, they vaccinated 837 people. 253 of them died within a week, a 30.23% kill rate. How is that anything other than the vaccine?

At Te Hopai Home and Hospital in Wellington, NZ, they vaccinated 191 people, and 61 of them died within a week. That’s a 31.94% death rate.

The Life Pharmacy Ashburton mobile vaccination team administered shots to 526 people in their community, and 142 of them died within a week (27%).

A large nursing home community called Residential Eldercare Services vaccinated 923 seniors, and 276 of them were dead within a week (29.9%).

The New Zealand government is not denying any of the data that Young has released publicly. Instead, they arrested him and charged him with some bogus-sounding crime called “improper access of a computer.” They tried to have him held without bail until the public outcry became too loud. The New Zealand government also had friendly social media companies like Facebook/Meta and YouTube take the true information down, in hopes that no one would see it. Thank goodness for Twitter/X and the conservative American news sites that actually published the data, otherwise, it would have remained hidden forever.

Barry Young stated in an interview, “If it’s happening here, guarantee it’s happening everywhere, and we need more people like me to stand up and just come out. Don’t be scared, just do it.”

We couldn’t agree more.