Mayor of Small Town Plays the Race Card When Called on the Carpet

Gustavo Frazao /
Gustavo Frazao /

Democratic Mayor of Dolton, IL, Tiffany Henyard found herself boiling over when reporters called her out on February 5th about her spending habits since she’s been in office. As expense reports come in, members of the town board don’t trust how she’s been spending the money, so they are sitting on them unless fully explained.

The town of Dolton is only home to about 20,000 people. And yet Henyard earns a salary that is quadruple what mayors of cities with 10 times the population earn.

Despite the median income for the town being just $24,000, Henyard received $300k a year and receives numerous frequent uses of beauty vendors. During a meeting with town officials about her expenditures ,she recently lost her cool.

“Y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves. Y’all black. Y’all are black. And y’all sitting up here beating and attacking on a black woman that’s in power. You should be ashamed of y’all selves. Y’all forget I am the leader. They want to hear from the mayor. If y’all ain’t learned that yet, the mayor. Not the trustees that don’t do nothing that only run they mouth. Y’all don’t do no work, no work,” she said.

Dropping tens of thousands of dollars on the town’s credit card, she has openly gone on trips, bought food, and received other services on the public’s dime, but refuses to explain what they were needed for. She also caused a tremendous stir when she announced a million-dollar giveaway in honor of Black History Month. Using money from the general assistance fund, she thought this was a better use than the food pantries it fills, the senior services it provides, or the community assistance it offers.

As one report detailed, the city has a right to complain. “Township credit card records show Henyard and other officials spent more than $67,000 on trips to Portland, Austin, Atlanta, and New York City. Many of the flights were first class. So were the accommodations. In Atlanta, Henyard and her team stayed at the Four Seasons hotel costing taxpayers more than $9,000. In New York, the bill came to $13,000.”

This woman isn’t a mayor; she’s a leech looking to take away from the people she supposedly represents.