Is America Coming Out of “Woke Slumber?” Former NYT Reporter Says So

W. Scott McGill /
W. Scott McGill /

For years now, about half of America has been under the assumption that woke is the way to go, and former President Donald Trump is evil. But for many, those thoughts are now being hit with the reality that perhaps Trump and conservativism were right.

The realization was brought up by former New York Times reporter Bari Weiss, who now heads up The Free Press. According to her and co-writer Oliver Wiseman, the recent Hamas attack on Israel has been a real “political awakening” for lefties all across the nation.

As they wrote, “Here’s an example of what we mean: a friend, appalled at the equivocation and apologia in the West after the brutal Hamas killings, told one of us that he used to consider himself a ‘conscientious objector’ in the culture wars. ‘Not anymore,’ he said. October 7 changed that.”

They went on to note that all over, they were starting to hear rumors of previously hard-core wokesters and liberals suddenly questioning everything they once stood for.

“Liberal friends were suddenly talking about buying guns. Progressive friends were texting about topics like border security and immigration. In a whisper, one even admitted to watching Fox News,” Weiss and Wiseman wrote.

One such individual, billionaire venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, even admitted that Trump and his administration actually did what was needed and was right. But because lefties like Palihapitiya didn’t like Trump, all his messages were shot down.

“The work on the border wall? We didn’t like the messenger, so we killed the message. Turned out it was right.”

And the same is true for such topics as issuing long-term debt to refinance, building structural peace in the Middle East through the Abraham Accords, and so on.

The left didn’t like Trump, so they simply wouldn’t listen to his ideas. But looking back now, many are realizing that Trump Derangement Syndrome has done far more damage than Trump himself ever did.

And so it seems a political awakening is indeed happening.