Fulton County DA to Face Her Own Trial


If you haven’t noticed, our legal system has had some major problems recently. First and foremost, it is being used as a political weapon for the left-leaning.

Thankfully, at least one GOP lawmaker will do something about it.

According to Republican and Georgia state Senator Colton Moore, “America is under attack” by those on the liberal left who have seen fit to “politically TARGET political opponents” rather than simply take them out in the polls.

And so, he’s asking that the Georgian governor, Republican Brian Kemp, declare a “special session” in regards to an “emergency” in the “affairs of the state.”

Specifically, the special session would be tasked with reviewing the actions of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who just brought a fourth indictment against Trump and 18 of his supporters, all for daring to question the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

“We must strip all funding and, if appropriate, impeach Fani Willis,” Moore said in a statement.

Now, a special “emergency” session could be triggered in two ways. First and more preferably, a letter signed by three-fifths of the state’s two legislative houses could do it. Secondly, Kemp, as Governor, could enact such.

However, there are issues with both.

While both the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives have a GOP majority, both combined still do not equal three-fifths.

As for the governor, neither he nor his Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger have been Trump supporters in the past.

But as we all know, nothing is certain about anything Trump-related. This may look like an uphill battle for Moore at the onset. However, with voters continually agreeing that the indictments are a sham, it’s becoming increasingly likely that lawmakers will have to get behind their constituents on the matter or face losing their jobs.

So who knows what will happen?