Former Governor to Run for President? The Signs are There…

Andy.LIU /
Andy.LIU /

With primaries just ahead and another GOP candidate dropping out, it would seem the 2024 presidential race is slowing down a bit or at least solidifying. However, based on recent events, some would say it won’t be long before more candidates are added to the ring.

No, I’m not talking about the supposed replacement of Joe Biden, although that is more than likely at this point.

Instead, it’s been rumored that another third-party candidate could be announced.

Enter Larry Hogan, a former governor of Maryland and a man known to be a fairly moderate and once popular Republican despite his deep criticism of Donald Trump.

Since his governorship, Hogan has chaired the board for No Labels, a prominent third-party movement. But as of last month, he is no longer the group’s leader. In a letter to No Labels president and CEO Nancy Jacobson, Hogan neither offered criticism of the group nor his plans for the future. Instead, he simply announced his resignation as co-chair.

Some say that the seemingly sudden move may indicate a possible decision to run for president, presumably as the No Label nominee.

While the group hasn’t made any such announcement, either of a run at all or who its nominees may be, it’s no secret that plans for such are underway. In fact, it’s been seeking ballot access for states all across the nation for some time now.

Additionally, election officials in Hogan’s home state admit that No Labels has managed enough verified signatures to get on the ballot.

The only question now is if they will follow through and who they will choose as their face.

So far, even their own goals for planning have not been met, according to familiar sources.

Of course, should they decide to run the gambit, Hogan may not be their top choice. With former Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie officially off the ballot for the GOP now, some say he would make a good No Labels candidate.

So would outgoing West Virginian and moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin.

But it’s still very much all up in the air at this point.