Deep Breath…Mask Mandates are Reappearing

Anna Tryhub /
Anna Tryhub /

You’ve likely seen various institutions making headlines as they reintroduce mask mandates. Universities, hospitals, and more are bringing the COVID mandates back because of a “resurgence” of the COVID-19 virus.

Does that mean that we’re dealing with massive outbreaks? Absolutely not.

In fact, there’s only a trickle of hospitalizations.

New York and California are leading the mandates, which shouldn’t surprise you a bit. It’s also been reported that Lionsgate has resumed its mask mandate within its headquarters in Santa Monica.

In Georgia, Morris Brown College is not only requiring masks but also limiting campus events. They’ve stated, “There will be no parties or large student events on campus for the next two weeks.”

It’s going to be a lot harder to get people to wear masks this time around. Why? Many of us know that it was never really to reduce the spread of the virus. Instead, it is about control.

And, how convenient that we’re dealing with this a year before we’re going to have to vote for the President again. Think about it. Many conservative states are getting rid of electronic voting because it’s too easy to be fraudulent. With a push for mask mandates, liberals will be requiring electronic voting because it’s “simpler” and “safer.”

US News discusses how there’s no telling how many more institutions will implement mask mandates in the coming weeks. While most states still identify that there is a “low” level of COVID hospital admissions, the CDC has reported an increase for the fifth week in a row.

Is a mask really the right answer? Not really. In fact, more and more reports show that wearing masks could end up exposing us to dangerous levels of toxic volatile organic compounds. Yet, the liberals don’t want to talk about that. You know, they really hate science.

So, take a deep breath. You might start to see more mask mandates pop up around you. As to whether you are going to comply or not, that is between you and your desire to be suffocated behind a piece of fabric.