Cybersecurity at MGM Resorts Takes a Massive Hit As Attackers “Bust” Hundreds of Properties

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MGM Resorts International locations across the US were suddenly slammed by cyberattackers on September 11th. Impacting properties across Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio, as well as their numerous locations in Las Vegas and Nevada.

According to a statement, they identified a “cybersecurity issue affecting some of the company’s systems,” and they called in external cybersecurity experts to investigate. From hotel room doors to slots to card machines and ATMs, every sector of MGM was hit, but not the same way at each location. This varied and different way of attacking shocked many experts.

With their company websites down, many are wondering how much data could have been exposed. Both the FBI and the Treasury Department are aware of the attacks and are monitoring for further attacks. Their ongoing investigation into the attack(s) should help resolve some concerns for many people. However, tourism and gambling experts will be increasingly concerned by this attack.

Naturally, much of the damage occurred in Las Vegas. Surprisingly enough, their China and Macau locations were seemingly unaffected, leaving many to wonder if the North Koreans could have something to do with the attack. Given the level of security these websites have, and the difficulty they would have in getting through their security with North Korea’s outdated technology is huge. However, the most primitive cyberattacks have been some of the most successful in the last few years.

No matter how you look at security systems, AI, connectivity through cyber monitoring, and cyber security systems, Las Vegas has been the home for innovation. If manufacturers could make money in gambling or sex, they took it to Sin City. This tech has had a welcome home in the city, and when they have an attack like this, it turns the entire industry on their head.