Coverup: Secret Service Has Three Vials of DNA Evidence from the White House Cocaine Baggie

DedMityay /
DedMityay /

Jesse Watters on Fox News has refused to let #CocaineGate rest, and the story just took a major turn for the weird. It probably won’t be too surprising to anyone to learn that the FBI and the Secret Service have been lying about the baggie of cocaine all along. There’s a massive cover-up underway, and nothing we have been told about this story so far appears to be true.

The White House was evacuated back in July when a small baggie of cocaine was found somewhere inside the building. We don’t know where it was found since the Secret Service’s story kept changing. First, it was found on the floor of the library. Then it was found in a cubby in a heavily trafficked area of the White House. Which was it really? We’ll probably never know.

When investigators initially tested the baggie, it came back positive for opioids and amphetamines (possibly fentanyl). The second time it was tested, it came back as cocaine. Which was it really? We’ll probably never know since we’re now deep into cover-up territory.

Finally, the Secret Service claimed that it was unable to identify any DNA evidence on the baggie of cocaine. Case closed.


But now, Jesse Watters has obtained some new documents from the Secret Service, and guess what? They recovered three vials of DNA evidence from the baggie of cocaine. You’re obviously not allowed to know whose DNA was on the baggie, but the Secret Service knows, and probably the FBI, too.

This gives the Deep State one more piece of evidence (on top of mountains of bribery evidence) that it can hold over Joe Biden’s head to make him continue doing their bidding.

Watch as Jesse Watters explains this infuriating update to #CocaineGate: