Chicago Teen’s Violent Robbery Proved Pretrial Release Doesn’t Work

Phakorn Kasikij /
Phakorn Kasikij /

Democrats have been quick to deal out the race card when it comes to social justice. They believe that the system of justice we have here in the US is inherently racist, and they wanted special accommodations made to that system under the guise of racial equality. Two specific ones have backfired horrifically: cashless bail and pretrial release. These two changes to the justice process have had horrific results so far.

18-year-old Jaquan Bush is a shining example of why these ideas are useless.

With six prior juvenile cases, he was out on pretrial release. Charged with possession of a stolen vehicle as an adult, he was released on bond and allowed to be back in the community. On September 17th, he walked into a Champs store in the “rich” Loop neighborhood. Grabbing a Nike jacket from a display rack, he made a beeline for the door. Spotted by the store manager who believed he recognized him from a previous robbery, Bush knew he was cornered.

A struggle between the two ensued, with Bush pulling out a knife. “Lunging” at a female employee who had taken away the jacket, he snatched it back and raced out the door. As the police were investigating the case, Bush walked into another felony charge. This time, he was arrested for possession of a firearm.

Police responded to a report of shots fired and spotted Bush walking down the street with his hoodie weighed down on one side. Racing into his family’s backyard, he tossed the pistol under the porch. When police arrived, multiple members of his family were there, and when surrounded, the officers were forced to call for backup.

Finally ordered to be held by Judge Mary Marubio, she ruled that he had violated his pretrial release conditions from the possession of a stolen car charge occurring back on June 30th. According to CWB Chicago, during this hearing, it was also uncovered as to how he was still out in the first place “During the hearing, prosecutors did not tell Judge Ankur Srivastava about the six juvenile cases that prosecutors now say are pending.”

If the prosecutors aren’t telling the judge the whole truth, and families keep making excuses for their failure in raising children, are we surprised they keep committing crimes like this?