Biden Literally Looks Like He’s Going to Croak in This Video

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You’ve all seen and heard it by now: President Joe Biden’s incompetency and mental decline. This recent video shows just how bad it’s gotten.

To be sure, every time Biden is put in front of a camera or microphone, there are verbal mistakes and physical indications that hint at the politician’s dementia. Most are shrugged off or swept under the rug and ignored.

But it’s hard to see how anyone can do that for much longer, especially concerning a man supposedly running for the presidency again.

The news conference was captured and posted to X on Monday; during this time, Biden spoke about the newly passed spending bills and how their passing very narrowly avoided a government shutdown.

At one point, a reporter asks a question about trusting House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, given that his own party seems to be out to get him. Co-owner of Trending Politics, Collin Rugg, says Biden “looks as if he (Biden) is going to croak after he suddenly lost his train of thought during a press conference at the White House.”

So, nothing new, really, right?

Some social media users even note as much and add that if viewed in context with the rest of the eight-minute video, this singular moment isn’t all that bad.

I’m not sure I agree. Judge for yourself.

As you can see, Biden doesn’t seem too bad when he walks in, with the energy and walk of anyone his age. He also begins with his usual attempt at a joke. Then, he starts clearly reading from a teleprompter.

But as each line is read aloud and each question asked, we see Biden get progressively more tired and not altogether there-looking. He begins slurring his words, mumbling, the usual.

He does have a few lines of coherent thought; note they are when he’s throwing jabs at “MAGA Republicans” and defending Ukraine. But then he goes back to mumbling and even more fatigue, his eyes drooping. And then comes the point where he completely loses his train of thought and literally looks as if he’s going to pass out.

He then mumbles a thank you and shuffles off.

The decline is wildly apparent and saddening.

And yet, he’s supposed to win the next election…