Woke Christmas Tree Farm Sends the Wrong Message

blrz / shutterstock.com
blrz / shutterstock.com

Christmas is the time to be joyful and triumphant. It’s also important to remember the reason for the season: Jesus.

Christmas tree farms shouldn’t try to send any kind of political messages. Instead, they should focus on being merry.

Apparently, one tree farm in Virginia didn’t get the message. Rather than using typical Christmas icons for its sign, it chose a watermelon. Don’t assume that was just to be a bit country or to stand out on the roadside.

Watermelons are being used as the icon for Palestine. It’s part of their “from the river to the sea” message — and a way to show that they support Hamas.

Just think about that for a moment. The tree farm is supporting the slaughter of innocent people rather than remembering that Jesus was born to help us forgive all of our sins.

It’s the ultimate woke message — and it’s one that’s not going to sell them many trees.

Cox Farms is located in northern Virginia. They’ve decided to show just how woke they are. They’re not taking any chances with their liberal signage. In case their anti-semitic sentiment isn’t fully understood, they also have the words “Ceasefire Now” next to their sign.

The funny thing about the cry for a “cease fire” is that only Israel is expected to participate. The Hamas have no intention of doing so.

Not surprisingly, the farm has dealt with a significant amount of negativity from the community. Many believe that there was no need to take such a political stand.

The farm chose to address the community’s problem via Facebook. They explained:

“We are committed to fighting injustice and white supremacy. We will continue to use the small roadside platform we have to ‘speak truth to traffic,’ because we believe that showing solidarity with oppressed people is the right thing to do. We continue to condemn racism and hate, including both antisemitism and anti-Muslim sentiments.”

They’ve appeared to double down on their roadside sign and have no plans of taking it down. They even went as far as explaining, “Demanding that Israel stop indiscriminately and relentlessly bombing Gaza, and the US government stop weapons trade and military support for the occupation of Palestine does not make us antisemitic.”

So, they support Palestine and believe that Israel is “indiscriminately” bombing Gaza. That belief alone makes them antisemitic, considering that they obviously believe that Hamas has the right to indiscriminately bomb the Israelis.

Soon, the tree farm will realize that going woke will cause them to go broke. It’s likely that many in northern Virginia will buy artificial before they choose to give Cox Farms any of their money.