War Crimes of the SS Playing Out in France Yet Again

Millenius / shutterstock.com
Millenius / shutterstock.com

With conflict arising between Israel and Palestine since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th, much of the world has become incredibly divided. With ignorant cyber-celebrities parroting information from unconfirmed sources, the sympathy for Palestine has been sky-high, especially as they keep pumping out Hamas-sourced intel. This manipulated data has resulted in a surge in antisemitic attacks across the globe.

For a 30-year-old in Lyon, France, this fight came right to her front door on November 4th as someone rang her doorbell frequently to get her attention. Responding, she was attacked as she opened the door. Slashed and stabbed multiple times, this openly Jewish woman was left for dead. With a mezuzah (object of the Jewish faith) left on the door outside her home, a swastika was also discovered to be carved into the door after her attack.

Taking two wounds to the abdomen, she was able to leave the hospital on November 5th as her injuries turned out to be non-life threatening. Rightfully, the state prosecutor’s office is treating it as a hate crime and investigating thoroughly. With her currently in the process of a nasty divorce, they are also looking into her soon-to-be former spouse, according to sources with local paper Le Figaro. The source also claims this is not a historically Jewish section of town, and knife attacks aren’t conducted with such weak surface-level wounds.

No matter the reasoning, the attack is still a horrific one. Given the use of the swastika, and the “hate” that often comes out during a divorce, if he has a role in the situation, hate would certainly be a factor in the attack.

Crimes like these are being perpetuated at an astonishing rate. It’s not surprising, though. The way attacks are being filmed or generated by AI sent out and then claimed as major deaths is mindboggling. Of all the conflicts that have taken place in the history of the world, this is the most connected people have been to the impact. Along with that connection has come dramatic changes in technology.

With an unstable internet connection and a lack of high-quality filming, the situation has been ripe for the use of advanced AI film generation. It gives an “authentic” feel given the situation on the ground, especially when most people are already expecting the “proof” to be degraded. Since the first attack was launched by Hamas on October 7th and the undaunting response by Israel in the days following, the footage has been never-ending.

Reports from “children” have made people’s eyes well with tears and turned many of the Jewish people against their own state. Unable to surpass their liberalism that puts Muslims on a racially based pedestal, they are supporting Palestine and blindly ignoring the suffering of their own people.

A war like this one is the kind of battle that dominates historical religious texts as a sign that the second coming, or the apocalypse, is about to begin. As this is truly a war between major religious beliefs and the root of all the problems in this area of the globe, it has polarized much of the world. As people are suddenly abandoning decades-long friendships as they deem their friends incapable of seeing the truth, this has the capability to bring about WWIII.

At the end of WWII, we believed we had seen a taste of the worst humanity would ever see. We watched what happens when a man with poor ideas and false promises takes power and seeks to eliminate people based on their religion. Society promised we would never allow such evil to rise again. Now we are watching it happen again, as Hamas vows not to stop until the Jewish people and those who support them around the world are exterminated. It’s time to stand up and let them know that enough is enough.