Video Shows Iran Committing Cold-Blooded Murder

It’s one thing to murder. It’s another thing to openly admit it. Iran has caused more than eyebrows to raise as they have admitted to murdering protesters across a number of cities in the country. The Iranian president admitted that its security forces committed murder on the many rioters following mass demonstrations focused on a hike in the gas prices set by the government.

According to AP reports, the country acknowledged what they had done in a TV package that criticized international Farsi-language channels based on how they reported the crisis, began November 15.

Although the regime has not released any statistics regarding the latest demonstrations, Amnesty International estimates over 200 individuals have been killed by the government in a short time span. The New York Times estimated over the weekend that the number could be significantly higher. Reports have identified that between 180 and 450 people were killed of intense violence over the span of four days. Additionally, over 7000 have been detained and 2000 wounded according to various international rights organizations.

According to Mansoureh Mills, a researcher with Amnesty International, it’s an unprecedented event when it comes to human rights violations from the Islamic Republic.

Iranians protested in the streets because of the high gasoline prices. While it didn’t draw out as many as those who were protesting the disputed 2009 presidential election, the gas price demonstrations took an extremely violent turn – and faster than any other rallies.

Due to the fast and violent turn, it demonstrates the widespread economic discontent that has gripped the country since May 2018. Further, this is also when Pres. Trump imposed sanctions following withdrawing from Tehran’s nuclear deal with other world powers.

The state TV report categorized the killings into four areas. Some were rioters attacking sensitive or military centers with firearms while others were killed as passers-by. Security forces killed some of the peaceful protesters and chose not to assign blame for the deaths.

While some Democrats read this and want to point fingers to Trump due to his sanctions and taking the US out of the nuclear deal, the reality is that this is all on Iran. They chose to violate human rights – and do so in one of the most disturbing ways possible. This is likely going to go down in history as one of the most brutal ways to handle protesters, especially at the sheer number of deaths that the country has been involved in – and it’s not even over yet.

One report identified that the Iranian security forces used semi-heavy weapons to confront a separatist group in the city of Mahshahr.

While the protests were at their highest, the government also shut down internet access. This ensured that Iranians would not have the ability to share details, including photos and videos, with the rest of the world. However, access has since been restored and it’s possible to see some of the brutality that the government was responsible for unleashing.

The Commander of Forces in Mahshahr said terrorists were “hiding in the marshes” and claimed that they were shooting at their forces. This was a cover, however. It allowed them to justify their harsh response to what was going on. Reporters have come forward to say that they were able to interview witnesses. Those who were killed in the marshes weren’t hiding and they weren’t shooting at the forces. Most were completely unarmed.

For nearly a month, the government denied the killings. With the internet up and working now, there are plenty of videos being leaked and witnesses telling their stories. This means that the government has had to make up a story so that they didn’t seem like monsters – only no one is believing the story. There are simply too many videos of the Iranian state police murdering protesters on the street in broad daylight.

One video goes as far as showing how security forces shot teargas into a hospital. There could be no logical reason for doing this – unless to demonstrate that the government is the one in control. While they have done that, they have also broken a number of human rights.

Meanwhile, in the United States, we have Democrats who want to open borders and allow immigrants from all over the country to simply enter. There’s no way that Democrats could handle such activity in the US – and what happens over in Iran is exactly why there are immigration laws. We need to make sure we’re identifying who can and cannot enter our country. At least we have a better way of dealing with protesters. If the Iranian government cannot stop the murders, global military intervention will be necessary.