The Note No One Wants to Read Found from China

Christmas is the time of the year when people exchange gifts and give each other cards because they want to make the time a special moment. Every card that is printed has a message of joy and comfort as they are given to every person. But this year someone from China wrote a handwritten message inside the card with the hopes of getting a message to someone that can help them. There is no shortage of human rights violations from China, but this one is a personal touch from someone that needs help.

This past week a six-year-old little girl found a card with a handwritten note in it that stated “We are foreign prisoners in Shanghai Qingpu prison China. Forced to work against our will. Please help us and notify human rights organization.” This person that penned this noted seemed very distressed to be forced against their will to make cards that they did not want to do.

When the note was revealed the grocery-store chain immediately did the right thing and shut down the production of its factory located in China. Their factory produces Christmas cards. It is thought that this is the place that the card was sent from. The six-year-old child alerted the correct people about the note and action was taken. The poor person is being forced to work to keep production moving.

What was thought to be a prank by the family of the child turned out to be real. The note suggested that a certain person be contacted to investigate the problem. The note asked for a man by the name of Humphrey. He is a corporate investigator that was held in China for several years in prison. His experience aids him in the investigations and works that he does.

Once the message of the card was known Tesco released the following statement “We have a comprehensive auditing system in place and this supplier was independently audited as recently as last month and no evidence was found to suggest they had broken our rule banning the use of prison labor. If a supplier breaches these rules, we will immediately and permanently delist them.” The store will never allow forced labor to be used in its production of goods.

This is not the first time that these types of messages have surfaced from factories in China. In each case, the note stated some kind of message about forced labor or human rights violations. It has been reported that China will use kids, handicap people and even people that have been arrested for political opinions. In one case prisoners were said to have to make clothing for over 15 hours per day. In each case, it was discovered that people were beaten and not fed right because the work needed to get done.

It was reported that “China’s massive rise as an economic giant has capitalized on ‘the production of labor-intensive, cheap goods for export’ that have created instances of forcibly employing children, disabled people, and federally detained people in dangerous work conditions.”

China is a sleeping giant that will do anything to grow its economy beyond that of its neighbors and competition. President Trump pulled the United States out of its agreements when it was discovered that they were cheating nations and using the treaties as a way of making itself wealthy. The president ends up having to place tariffs on the crummy Chinese just to get them to trade fairly. Negotiations are still underway to finalize the details of the new treaty.

President Trump will not stop until he has trade agreements in place that are fair for America and its companies. Other nations have cheated the United States for too long. But the president has been looking out for the welfare of the people and is making great progress to put America at the top of the economic pyramid once again. When the president wins reelection in 2020 America will once again have four more years of prosperity and growth.