The Deadly Snowball

Kids will do a lot of things that just seem to irritate adults. During the winter months, it is not uncommon to see kids outside throwing snowballs at just about anything. When an adult is angry they will do just about anything towards the other party.

Mix up their anger with the Democrat’s philosophy of survival of the fittest, which is ingrained in people through evolution, and there is the mixing of murder waiting to happen. When this driver from Milwaukee had his car attack by a snowball his animal-like nature roared into action and shot two kids with a gun. It was survival of the fittest for him.

The police are actively searching for the creep that shot a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy who was simply playing outdoors. The would-be killer was driving a white Toyota when the shots were fired.

The kids should not have been throwing snowballs at cars but after all, kids do not always think through their actions. A snowball hitting a car is not likely to cause any damage. But for this driver, it was enough to push him over the edge. The two that were shot were part of a larger group of kids throwing the snowballs.

When the police showed up on the scene they provided aid until the little kids could be taken to the hospital. The police stated that “Preliminary investigation indicates both victims were with a group of juveniles throwing snowballs at cars passing by.

One of the snowballs struck the suspect’s vehicle and the driver of the auto fired shots into the group of kids striking the two victims. Milwaukee Police continue to investigate this incident and seek the unknown suspects.”

The snowball impact would have no doubted startled the driver. But there was no reason to reach for a gun and start shooting at the little kids. The police are relying on videos from home cameras and other footage to identify the would-be killers.

The adult that fired the shots is still on the run like a wild animal attempting to evade its hunter. The Democrats want to push evolutionary thought and beliefs on people, and this is what they are getting. Adults trying to murder children because they are not as fit as the larger adult.

The shooting has raised a lot of eyebrows. One resident stated that “Me and my wife, we got six kids, we in the kitchen, all of a sudden you hear all these loud booms, so I actually told everybody to get down. It’s getting bad. You know, it’s ridiculous when you look outside and the front and side of your house are taped off. It’s getting real crazy now.”

The shots were fired in the direction of homes. There would have been no telling as the shots were fired as to who was hit. The driver randomly discharged his gun at the kids and sped off. The police would love to find the maggot that tried to murder little kids. But they are having trouble identifying the shooter and are looking for the publics’ help.

The Democrats are creating neighborhoods of their making. They promote educational material that promotes the survival of the fittest. This same material also teaches kids that they have evolved from lower life-forms, and they are not the finished product. This takes hope and purpose from the life of the child. Children are not animals that need to be put down. They are rather what the Pope stated to parents in Italy as he would say “Dear parents, children are the most precious gift that you have ever received.

Know how to protect them with commitment and generosity, leaving them with the freedom necessary to grow and mature, in a way that eventually they themselves too may be open to life. The attention with which, as an association, you safeguard from the dangers that enter into the lives of the youngest, may it not impede you from looking forward with trust toward the world, knowing how to choose and indicate to your children the best occasions for human, civil and Christian growth.” The shooter certainly did not see the children as precious gifts.