TGI Friday’s Joins List of Restaurants Forced to Close Locations

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According to the liberal left, Bidenomics is working; we are doing just fine. So why, then, is yet another major restaurant chain making announcements about closing multiple locations?

This time, it’s TGI Friday’s, a popular, nationwide causal eat-in restaurant chain.

As the UK’s Daily Mail reported on Tuesday, the company has decided to close two more locations in the coming weeks. One in Brick, New Jersey, closed on Sunday, and another, on Main Street in Buffalo, New York, will close in June.

Two may not seem like a lot but added to their other recent closures; it means the chain has been forced to shutter 40 locations in all, and just in this year so far alone. This includes eight in New Jersey and six in New York.

The reasoning, so like many others, is that they have “identified opportunities to optimize and streamline our operations to ensure we are the best positioned to meet – and exceed” a “brand promise” to close “underperforming” locations.

This means that in 2024 alone, they have closed nearly a fifth of their locations.

Of course, they aren’t the only ones in a similar position.

Applebee’s has closed 35 locations so far this year, in addition to the 46 shuttered last year.

Red Lobster has also seen a cut in locations, as well as a filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As the restaurant explained, foot traffic in most locations had only “marginally improved” since the pandemic that kept most in their industry shuttered for months.

Now, you’d think that after those long months of most of us being shut inside, eating our own cooking, and wearing masks constantly, the American population would have rushed out to finally eat someone else’s cooking and interact with others.

But thanks to Bidenomics, that’s not exactly what has happened. Sure, the restaurant industry isn’t dead. But, as these chains prove, it’s not thriving either. I mean, if people can barely afford to put on their own tables at home, they aren’t going to go out and buy what is usually a bit overpriced food.

If that doesn’t prove Bidenomics is failing, I don’t know what will.