Bombshell: Philadelphia Archdiocese Linked To Jeffrey Epstein…And That’s Not Even The Worst Of It

( – The archdiocese of Philadelphia is facing all too familiar criticism following the revelations that the former head of the sex abuse victim’s fund is connected to Jeffery Epstein, and is in an alleged abuser himself. George Mitchell (pictured above), former Democratic senator from Maine, who was chosen to oversee the archdiocesan Independent Reconciliation […]

Is Marco Rubio Running Cover For The Deep State? Says To Stop “Insane” Epstein Conspiracies

( – Senator Marco Rubio, sometimes Republican, most of the time RINO, thinks that everyone should stop spreading “conspiracy theories” about Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged death. From the Sun Sentinel, “Marco Rubio warns against social-media fueled insular thinking and conspiracy theories”: “You go online, and there’s one group that’s saying that ‘Hillary Clinton murdered him,’ and […]

Here’s Why Cardinal Pell’s Case Has Sent Pedophile Rings Around The World Into Panic Mode

( – Australian Cardinal George Pell, who was the former treasurer at the Vatican, is waiting to hear about the verdict on his appeal for being sentenced in the first instance of pedophilia on the 21st of August. What is absolutely stunning about this case is the fact that Pope Francis still hasn’t come out […]

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