Soccer Star Rapinoe Claims She Has Proof There is No God

Romain Biard /
Romain Biard /

We already know that Megan Rapinoe is trash. The soccer star has put her career above anything – and she’s consistently talked negatively about the US, the Biden administration, and even religion.

She isn’t the kind of female athlete that you would want as your child’s role model. She’d much rather push the LGBTQ narrative and show everyone why God doesn’t exist.

The former US Women’s National Team star was performing in the final match of her career this past Saturday night. She injured herself within the first few minutes. She went down and tore her Achilles. This is certainly not the way that you want to end your last game, but there are countless reasons why it could happen. After all, professional athletes tear their Achilles quite regularly. It’s a fairly common injury.

That’s not the route Rapinoe took.

In the press conference following the game, she said, “I’m not a religious person or anything and if there was a God, like, this is proof that there isn’t.”

Can you imagine being so hung up on yourself that you think that you getting injured in your last game is proof that there’s no God?

God likely isn’t concerning himself with the likes of Rapinoe considering that she’s never bothered with him, either.

She could have done a lot of things to end her career on a good note, despite the injury. Instead, she decided to disown God because of a torn Achilles.

This is why she’ll never end up on a box of Wheaties. It could have happened, but they chose to go with more inspirational athletes like JJ and TJ Watt, the Christian NFL brothers who always manage to uplift the community.

Rapinoe has missed so many opportunities. And now that the world is waking from their woke slumber, it’s unlikely that she’ll have any kind of sponsorship following her injury and her career.