So Much for Naming a Building After Nancy Pelosi

Sheila Fitzgerald /
Sheila Fitzgerald /

I’m sure you know by now that most leftist-run cities in the United States are falling into severe disrepair due to policies that have essentially let crime and hatred overtake the streets. For example, Nancy Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco is so bad now that calls are being made to shut down the federal building named after her because the area is so dangerous.

As the New York Post recently reported, the area in which the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building is located has become a haven of sorts for drug users/dealers, crime, and homelessness in recent years. It’s so bad, in fact, that even lawmakers from other states are now getting involved and calling for the building to be officially shut down.

Republican and Iowan Senator Joni Ernst is one such individual.

As Ernst told the post and wrote in a letter the administrator of the US General Services Administration, Robin Carnahan, no one should be “fearing for their lives” just going to and from work. And yet, for those who work in the Pelosi Building, that is exactly the case.

In her letter, Ernst describes the hellscape that the area has become.

“The plaza is a dangerous, open-air drug market, with addicts shooting up, snorting, and smoking drugs in plain view. Drug users pass out on the public benches, and used needles litter the ground. Overdosing is a ‘commonplace horror,’ with nearly 150 suspected overdoses – including more than 30 deaths – on the block surrounding the Federal Building reported in the first half of this year. Dozens of dealers show up daily, one of which opened fire with a gun near the building recently. While fencing has been put up, addicts and dealers still hang out around the plaza.”

It sounds like a good work environment, right? Not…

As she continued, Ernst explained that the building and its more recent name change to honor the former House Speaker was meant to represent how government was supposed to work, hand in hand with the community.

Yet, thanks to liberal ideologies and soft-on-crime policies put in place by those like Pelosi, it has become a very real and disheartening “symbol of the way government doesn’t work.”

Of course, none of this just happened overnight.

Ernst’s complaints about the building and the surrounding area come after months of similar warnings from those who have visited or live and work in the area.

In fact, in August, things got so bad that the Department of Health and Human Services, whose offices are located in the building along with Pelosi’s local office, issued a warning to its employees, advising them to work from home where it was safer.

This was formal on August 4, when a memo went out to all Department employees telling them to stay away from the building for the sake of their health and safety.

As Ernst says, Working at a Department of Health and Human Services building shouldn’t be a risk to your health or life, but it is now due to former Speaker Pelosi and the other liberal politicians that have allowed criminal chaos to overtake the streets of San Francisco.”

And so, Ernst is calling for the building to be officially shut down.

As I mentioned above, most haven’t worked in or from the building since at least August. So what’s the use of taxpayers paying to “keep the lights on in Nancy Pelosi’s haunted house?”

The truth is there isn’t.

Besides, as Ernst points out, there are at least five other buildings in much safer and more respected areas of the city to which these employees could be relocated. In her letter to the GSA, Ernst asks that data on how many workers need to use offices and how they could be reassigned elsewhere be handed over so that the appropriate changes can be made post haste.

As has been noted, the current working situation for employees of the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building is only getting worse. So the sooner the building and Pelosi’s namesake is shut down, the better.