Ramaswamy’s Strategy for Debating Kamala Should He Get VP Nod


As you likely know, Vivek Ramaswamy is officially out of the race for President of the United States. However, as he quite hilariously shared on his X account, he does have a strategy for defeating sitting Vice President Kamala Harris, should it ever come to that.

With his throwing in the towel, Ramaswamy made it clear he is no longer a threat to Donald Trump or whoever takes the GOP nomination. He also made it clear that he fully supports Trump with a riveting endorsement of him.

This, as well as Vivek’s constant insistence on never insulting Trump, even after being attacked by him, has led many to believe that he would make a great choice for Trump’s vice president.

It also means he would get to stay in the race to some degree and be put up against current VP Kamala Harris on a debate stage at some point.

Human Events editor Jack Proso encouraged us to imagine what such a debate would look like in a post made to his X account.

He wrote, “Imagine what Vivek would do to Kamala in a debate.”

If you know much about the recent POTUS dropout, it’s that he’s obliterated just about everyone he’s stood up against in a debate.

Remember when he dared GOP contender Nikki Haley to name three eastern Ukrainian provinces that would supposedly receive the near-constant funding both Haley and Biden want to send the European nation?

Haley failed, of course, making Vivek clearly the smartest individual in the room.

His would-be strategy for debating Harris would supposedly be pretty similar. As Vivek said in response to Poso’s post, all he would have to do is ask Harris to spell “AI,” seeing as she is in charge of AI policy right now.

To be sure, it would be rather funny, especially since Harris, like Haley, is bound to fail. It’s also just one more reason to like Ramaswamy even more.

What do you think of Vivek Ramaswamy possibly becoming Trump’s VP?