MTG’s Latest Plan Will Sever Connection Between Jack Smith and Biden

By now, it’s quite obvious that the Department of Justice’s use of “special counsels” isn’t exactly just. And that’s precisely why Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is making plans to defund all DOJ special counsels.

The plan is quite simple: follow the money. And the money leads us to the very real fact that the DOJ and the DOJ alone fund and appoint such special counsels, clearly to align with whatever agenda they want to push.

And so, why not take that funding from the DOJ and put it in the hands of a much more bipartisan body? Such as Congress?

As Greene recently said on an episode of the podcast “John Solomon Reports,” “To fund a special counsel right now… the people that have control of that is the Department of Justice itself.” At the moment, that means that the very partisan Biden White House is pulling all the strings.

This means it’s nearly impossible to simply “defund” or even remove special counsels like Jack Smith (the man running the show against Donald Trump) and David Weiss (who is defending the Biden crime family against the increasing accusations of corruption).

That is unless we put such funding in the hands of Congress, as Greene suggests.

“This is actually the constitutional way because Congress is in charge of the checkbook, not the Department of Justice itself.” She explained that it’s not really a political move “because the Democrat-controlled Congress would have control of that just as much as a Republican-controlled Congress would have.”

Indeed, that would seem to be a better solution.

Putting control on Congress would ensure that it’s not just whatever party is leading the White House that gets what they want. Instead, both parties would be required to weigh in on such appointments, and should any special counsel seem to take advantage of their position, Congress could easily reign them in.

In short, it would ensure that ties like that between Biden and Smith, or Biden and Weiss, don’t exist.