Madison Cawthorn is Vindicated After Wild Claims Appears True

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antoniolucescu /

Remember Madison Cawthorn? He was essentially tossed of out Congress after a series of rather wild accusations were made that “corruption” and “perverts” filled the halls of our hallowed legislative houses.

And now, it seems those accusations are true.

Cawthorn, when elected to the House of Representatives in 2018, was proclaimed to be the youngest member ever, taking the title formerly held by New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. However, his tenure in Congress didn’t last long.

Part of that had to do with his claims that during his short time spent there, he had been invited on several occasions to participate in “orgies” and asked to use cocaine. Of course, he didn’t divulge who had invited him or who else may or may not be participating in such actions.

“The culture in Washington is corrupt. Human nature has fallen. Compromising activities occur because when other people can place you in compromising positions, they control you,” The Hill reported at the time.

Most considered his allegations as made up.

Then-House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy even stated that Cawthorn’s accusations had caused McCarthy to no longer trust him.

However, if you haven’t noticed, a recent video of just such claims was leaked.

In the amateur video, gay men are having sex in a Senate hearing room. While the men can’t clearly be identified, The Daily Caller has investigated some and confirms that the video was “shared in a private group for gay men in politics.”

Furthermore, it proves that perhaps Cawthorn’s accusations weren’t too far off base.


And just like that, Cawthorn has been vindicated.