Laugh of the Day: Dems Claim Trump’s Verbal Gaffes Prove He is Cognitively Unfit 

Evan El-Amin /
Evan El-Amin /

With nothing left to use and nothing left to lose, Democrats are attempting to flip the script on former President and GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump. A video is making the rounds of Trump confusing GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a speech about the January 6 incident at the Capitol Building.  

The clip, Democrats gleefully insist, proves that Trump is not mentally fit for the role of President. Even President Joe Biden was getting in on the fun by sharing the video. Biden added to the circus by resurrecting old Trump gaffes, including when the former President said he ran against Barack Obama and when he claimed that ID is required to buy a loaf of bread. 

But “bread ID” is quite different from Biden’s verbal miscues, such as calling on a deceased colleague during a conference, forgetting that he visited Ireland two weeks after he returned from the trip, and even forgetting to sign the Executive Order in front of him as news cameras clicked and reporters covered his rambling self-congratulatory speech. 

Democrats suggest that Trump’s recent verbal missteps should “nullify the age arguments against Biden.” But Democratic strategist Basil Smikle cautions, “If Democrats call attention to Trump’s gaffes, they open the door for the same scrutiny of Biden.” 

That door has been opened since Biden first ascended to the throne and has been thrown completely off its hinges in the past year and a half. 

Biden forgot the name of the Hawaiian Island devastated by wildfires (hint, it was Maui), forgot what year he began his presidency, and read directions from his teleprompter (“end of quote, repeat line). He claimed that Ukraine needed to “fix the immigration system here at home,” and most recently claimed it had been 65 years since the horrific October 7 Hamas attack on Israel. 

He confused Taylor Swift and Brittney Spears in the same speech, said that “Good Morning Vietnam” was a song, and suggested that Hispanic and Black Americans don’t have high school diplomas. Even more sobering, however, was his statement that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “clearly losing the war in Iraq.”  

On the stage, Biden has had more falls than a stuntman on the set of a Fast and Furious sequel. From tripping over the air to falling on a sandbag or proving that stairs are amazingly complex, Biden has never met something he couldn’t fall off of, over, or on to. 

And then there are Biden’s lies and alternate realities, including claiming he was at ground zero the day after the 9/11 attacks, that he was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and that he was arrested during a civil rights protest.  

His lies are hard to ignore, and even CNN couldn’t resist compiling a list of his greatest fables this past September. It could be that CNN was forced to acknowledge an administration that lies more than it does, or it could have been a shot at genuinely reporting the news. Either way, it must be bad if CNN is calling out a Democrat president…especially this one. 

There’s no hiding that Biden has an age problem. A Wall Street Journal poll from last fall indicated that 73 percent of Americans believed the phrase “too old to run for president” described Biden at least “somewhat well,” while only 47 percent felt the same about Trump. A more recent ABC News poll confirmed a trend that the majority, in this latest case 69%, of respondents doubted President Biden’s mental sharpness for the role of president. 

Ever quick to spin a weakness into a perceived strength, the President and his aides are reframing the age argument, contending that Biden’s age brings “more wisdom” to the job. Biden has repeatedly drawn on his extensive political experience when speaking to donors and supporters. Some experts suggest that Democrats may benefit from Biden’s age, pointing out that it “hasn’t affected his policymaking.”  

Liberals are welcome to try to compare “bread ID” with Biden’s endless encyclopedia of gaffes, both here at home and, more embarrassingly for the nation, on the world stage. Australia’s Sky News host Rita Panahi is just one overseas journalist who can’t resist covering and uncovering Biden’s gaffes, bursting into laughter over the President’s clean bill of health.  

While Democrats point out Trump’s recent gaffes to highlight that they prove he is mentally unfit for the office, Trump’s campaign could point out that Trump is doing a fantastic job in maintaining his focus and clarity while the Democratic machine doggedly tries to ruin him personally, financially, and politically.