Judge Grows Tired of Jack Smith’s Prosecutors ‘Wasting the Court’s Time’

Elnur / shutterstock.com
Elnur / shutterstock.com

We’ve all known for a while now there is something wrong with the political left, namely those who have sought to criminalize former President Donald Trump all these years. A recent incident seems to prove one of two options, perhaps both: they are either intentionally cruel or incredibly stupid.

The event occurred on Thursday when a US District Judge grew blatantly tired of special counsel Jack Smith’s legal team and their efforts to convict Trump.

As you know, Smith and his prosecutors are attempting to prove that Trump was in illegal possession of classified documents during and after his presidency. You know, the same thing Biden is also being investigated for.

Thursday, they tried to get a couple of Trump’s lawyers, those defending co-defendants Waltine Nauta and Carlos de Oliveira, thrown off the case. According to the Justice Department’s David Harbach, these lawyers are extremely loyal to their clients, posing a “conflict of interest,” making it unlikely that they could objectively defend either Nauta or Oliveira.

But as Judge Aileen Cannon quite clearly articulated, Harbach’s concerns are problematic.

In fact, according to a report from The Palm Beach Post, she even accused Harbach and the rest of Smith’s team of “wasting the court’s time” by bringing up the last-minute concern. As the Post continued, it was clear that Cannon was more than annoyed with the prosecutors and used both a tone of voice and verbiage that proved as much.

Suffice it to say, the prosecutors knew they had made a mess of things, and they undeniably knew that Judge Cannon was in no mood to grant them favors.

In particular, Cannon berated Harbach for the timing of this “concern,” noting that if he were so worried about the lawyers’ loyalties, it should have been brought up at the beginning of the process, not weeks later.

So I ask again, are these guys intentionally trying to sabotage the case, or are they just that stupid?