Ivy League College Told To Drop DEI Failure or Lose Funding

IgorGolovniov / shutterstock.com
IgorGolovniov / shutterstock.com

In a letter dated January 23rd, a Cornell emeritus trustee and donor named Jon Lindseth addressed the Board of Trustees and Chairman Kraig Kayser. Writing to criticize their choice to stick to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), he left no room for misinterpretation.

“The lack of acknowledgment, responsibility, or accountability from the administration in addressing the major threats now confronting the University has left me, as one of her appointed counselors, with the disappointing task of calling for President Martha Pollack’s resignation. Provost Michael Kotlikoff should also resign for his close involvement in the denigration of Cornell’s academic legacy under DEI.”

Lindseth added in that he “spent years hearing the stories of Cornell and its leadership, participating as a student, and sponsoring and funding some of the University’s exemplary past work including the Library.” However, he “can no longer make general contributions until the university reformulates its approach to education by replacing DEI groupthink with the original noble intent of Cornell.”

Kayser spoke with the Daily Caller about the situation. He threw his support behind President Pollack fully and provided lip service as an excuse for sticking to their DEI plans. He seems fully convinced the board is doing everything right, and they don’t need any help in doing a better job in the future. Instead, he seems to hope that if he acts like no problem exists, then everyone else will see it his way and fall in line.

These DEI incentives have turned into nothing more than anti-white and anti-male initiatives so the Ivy League schools can pander to the liberals for more diversity-based applications and funding. Colleges that buy into this ideal have lost their roots and lost the experience that college once provided. For shame.