Illegals Learn Nasty Lesson at New Trump Border Wall

When President Donald Trump first proposed building a wall at the US-Mexico border, many had their doubts that it would actually work. After all, those who are intent on getting to our country illegally usually pay little mind as to how they are to achieve it so much as they do. People have tried all sorts of crazy things over the years, often jeopardizing their safety and lives in their pursuit.

For these critics, the wall would only serve to cost Americans more money and time and yet still not solve or even hinder the problem at hand.

And yet, this week, three unfortunate souls taught the world just how effective the newly built wall actually is.

Just after midnight on January 5th, three illegal aliens from Mexico were found stuck at the top of the 30-foot-tall border wall with no obvious way to get down. U.S. Border Patrol had spotted the threesome and requested help from the San Diego Fire Department to get them down safely, according to The Washington Times.

It was reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that the three, one man and two women, had decided to make their way into the US under cover of a dense fog in the area. However, upon finally reaching the top, they realized there was no safe way to get down. In any case, it would not have been a safe climb, but the fog, which made everything slippery and wet, had turned the steel wall into an impossibly slick surface.

It was noted that when the three had initially begun their ascent, they had help from others on the ground. However, by the time they reached the top and found themselves stranded, their support had vanished, leaving them even more hesitant about the descent.

After being safely lowered to the ground, the three were questioned and found to be Mexican nationals. Therefore, they were arrested and detained at the nearest Border Patrol station for continued processing.

The part of the wall where these three had decided to cross is one of a few sections that have been entirely completed. Where 8-foot “landing-mat” mesh fences and barriers used to stand, now 18-foot steel bollards have been constructed. At the top of this is a wide steel plate. Somehow, the three were able to traverse this. However, a short distance to the north of this wall is another larger one, that is 30 foot high. The two in close proximity form a walkway of sorts between the walls that enables agents to travel along the border for increased enforcement.

Why the three chose this exact spot to travel through, we may never know. However, as smugglers and illegal citizens, logic doesn’t always seem to be at the top of their list.

It was noted by both The Times and Border Patrol agents that the three were lucky to have not fallen and caused severe harm to themselves. Acting Chie Patrol Agent in the San Diego area said, “These three were very fortunate not to have fallen from the top of the wall which could have resulted in serious injury or death. These dangers are not important considerations to smugglers, who place emphasis on profits over safety.”

According to Supervisory Agent Jeffrey Stephenson, falling off of the wall is a frequent occurrence for illegals trying to cross it. He said, “the falls have led to numerous serious injuries including broken legs, broken ankles, skull fractures, brain bleeds, broken scapula, fractured vertebrae, and appendicitis.” He did point out that when an injury does occur, every illegal is immediately treated with medical attention as soon as they are found.

Regardless of the care they are given afterward, I’d bet that ideas of illegally crossing the war are getting more and more scarce among immigrants as stories like this become more affluent. While it is said that these people don’t put a high priority on safety, it’s apparent that it certainly puts some limitations out there. And people are taking note.

Slowly but surely, the wall is being constructed, and as a result, fewer and fewer illegals are making their way into the country, at least without injury or need of medical attention. So, I’d say yes, the wall is working. And anyone who thinks differently only has to read stories like this to realize that crossing the US border is not nearly as easy as it used to be.