Even Ray Epps’s Own Daughter Hints That He’s a Fed and Deserves to be in Jail

f11photo / shutterstock.com
f11photo / shutterstock.com

The mysterious Ray Epps continues to evade all attempts to trace his employment back to the US intelligence community despite years of effort by independent journalists. Epps was one of the central figures during the fake insurrection on January 6, 2021. There’s one person who may surprise you, who has been very publicly calling for Ray Epps to be thrown in jail for his actions that day. She’s Ray Epps’s daughter!

Tiffany Jones (Epps) has an X (Twitter) account with nearly 18,000 followers. She describes herself as a “Native MAGA American” in her bio and she’s a vocal fan of Donald Trump. We’re not sure what sort of family drama is in play here, or what Tiffany knows that the rest of us don’t, but she’s very clear in her feed that her father deserves to be in prison for the fake insurrection.

It is kind of weird that Epps never faced any serious charges over January 6th. There’s plenty of evidence that he was a key figure in the violence that undercover FBI agents committed against police officers that day. He’s on video on January 5th telling peaceful protesters to go into the Capitol the next day.

Epps clearly whispered an order in the ears of one of the protesters right before they suddenly attacked the police barricades—before Donald Trump’s speech had even ended. The FBI pretends it doesn’t know who Ray Epps is. The January 6 Committee interviewed him and swears that he’s not a fed.

Tiffany Jones seems to think differently. In fact, she has called many times for a certain type of prisoner swap. She wants all 1,400 of the peaceful January 6 protesters released from jail in exchange for locking up her father: