Even in Billiards, Women Aren’t Interested in Dealing with Men Playing the Game

Mikadun / shutterstock.com
Mikadun / shutterstock.com

Lynne Pinches was having the tournament of her lifetime, making it to the finals of the English Pool Association’s 2023 Champion of Champions Ladies on November 12th. Set to face off against transgender player Harriet Haynes, many wondered how she would fair.

As the New York Post writes it, “A video of the moment shows that Pinches and Haynes vied to see who would break. Pinches won and shook hands with Haynes but then walked toward the tournament official and apparently declared a forfeit. Pinches proceeded to unscrew her pool cue and pack it up as Haynes raised her hands in disbelief. Realizing what was happening, the crowd loudly cheered and applauded Pinches for walking away.”

Worldwide, women have been refusing to compete with transwomen. Finally stepping up to say that this is wrong, they are pushing back against the notion that a man and a woman can compete on an equal field athletically. From martial arts to cycling, and now in pool, these ladies are stepping up and fixing the issue with so many men failing to achieve in their division, then taking their “talent” into the women’s division to find success.

Via Facebook, her brother Barry gave a statement about her decision to pack it up rather than compete with the transwoman.

“Full credit and great respect to my sister Lynne Pinches yesterday for taking a stand and not playing in the biggest match of her pool-playing life because she feels it’s so unfair to have to compete against a trans woman. I completely agree with her view that it is totally unfair to expect women to compete against trans women in pool or any other sport for that matter…I have no problem whatsoever if somebody wants to identify themselves as whatever they want to be, and I have nothing against Harriet Haynes.”